About us

Mundial Alfredo Casartelli s.r.l. is a manufacturer and distributor of professional hand tools.
Since 1929, quality, design,innovation and competitiveness are Mundial’ s leading features, both on national and international markets.
The firm offers a full-spectrum range of professional tools: screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, sockets, chisels, trolleys… all made of selected materials and employing the most innovative technologies developed over a more than 70 year-long activity.
Mundial range addresses professional workers in the fields of hardware tools, industry, automotive, electric, hydraulics, building, always providing high quality standards.
Mundial’s ongoing engagement is focused on material improvement and new products manufacturing, not to mention developing new ergonomic handles.
Categor y-based displayers underlie Mundial’s distribution; moreover, hanging self-service packaging are available with the whole range of products, focusing on self-service sellings. Nowadays, Mundial’s image on the market represents its great tradition along with modernity and an ongoing renewal to offer customers a complete and steadfast service.